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Star Malone is a character roleplayed by AmRainbowBee

General Information[]

Star Malone is not the warmest cookie. She doesn't like to talk about herself, having been raised by her mother with the mantra "the less people know about you, the safer you are". She is perfectly capable at looking approachable and kind, as the saying goes you catch more flies with honey, but Star herself would not describe herself as a good and kind person. She is selfish, scheming, and often cold. Star puts up a good front, she can be flirtatious, she can be funny, she can be friendly and welcoming, but she very rarely actually believes any of even what she says.

Physical Description[]

Star is 5'9", with a slightly slimmer build from years of ballet and keeping active. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair is usually worn in long plaits, and while naturally dark brown is currently kept a coral pink color. She currently has two tattoos; a large dragonfly that spans across the back of her shoulders and down her spine, and flowery decorations across her underbust and down her stomach. She doesn't go heavy on her makeup often, usually preferring that "no makeup makeup look". She also is always wearing glasses, usually a basic black frame.

Background Information[]

Emma "Star" Malone was raised in the States due to the circumstances of her conception. She is the accidental and very out-of-wedlock child of Shawn Malone and Victoria Hewitt, disliked by each other's parents for being "bad influences" on each other; Victoria for not being "a good Muslim girl", and Shawn for being "a thug kid criminal". The Malones were displeased by news of Victoria's pregnancy, having learned of it from a family friend who happened to be the doctor to confirm it, and threatened her family; they had two options, break up with Shawn, get rid of the child, and never speak of it or to Shawn again, or keep the child and get out of England and never return. Victoria vehemently protested, claiming she loved Shawn more than life itself and would rather die than give up their child. The Hewitts chose the option that kept their daughter, even if not ideal, and chose to take hush money as the only ever "child support" they would ever receive from the Malones. With that, they absconded without a word in a matter of days and left for America. They settled in Boston at first, letting Victoria mourn the loss of her first love while also getting her ready for her next love, her child. After turning 2, the Hewitts moved to Manhattan until Star was 10. From there, Star's grandfather received a new opportunity for work in Seattle, and the family finally settled there.

Star was raised with the knowledge of her father from the very beginning. Victoria, despite protest from her own parents, insisted that Emma's legal name be Malone rather than Hewitt. If Victoria could never be Mrs. Malone, then her Emma should still get to be her father's daughter even if only in spirit. Throughout her life Victoria would tell her incredibly censored stories about her relationship with Shawn and what he was like, all from the perspective of a young woman who was very much in love with a man she knew got into a lot of trouble. Star grew up watching her mother never get over her first love, eventually trying to date but never lasting more than a month or two just because her heart was never in it. When she turned 18 she finally decided to see if she could find the man, just to see if she could have even one conversation with him. It was difficult, as she couldn't physically go to London very easily out of fear of what could happen to her family if she did; however, around the time of her 20th birthday she learned from a connect that a boarding pass of a man who was very likely the Shawn Malone she was looking for had passed through their gate on their way to Los Santos from the UK. She booked a flight soon after, and took her search to Los Santos.

Character Arc[]

Coming to Los Santos

Star came to Los Santos quietly, not even telling her family in case she got their hopes up. She interacted with very few people and kept mostly to herself at first, lingering on the edges of groups to eavesdrop and try to collect information; since she came only to find her father, she didn't care about making friends. It helped, she heard someone trying desperately to understand "what is halal" in the kitchen, an S.Malone on Life Invader asking for halal food, and after deciding to inquire about a chef position at the Barcade found a missing poster for a Shawn Malone from East London. There she met Lilac Page and Forest, along with the rest of the Barcade crew. She stuck around them because it was fun, but also in hopes that perhaps her missing father would return to them.

It turned out he had told Forest the whole time that he'd be in Turkey on holiday...

I'm Your Daughter

When Shawn returned Star actually felt herself get nervous for the first time. It was real, it was actually happening, and it was actually him. They spent the day together, filling him in on what Shawn had missed, before finally having a conversation as he was heading in for the night. All Star wanted was to know one thing: did he know about her, and he willfully allowed her mother to just pine for him for 20 years? He did not know about her, and had thought her mother had just up and abandoned him for being a bad person. It was a weirdly bittersweet relief. Now what?

Getting to know you & the Courthouse Shooting

The only thing to do is try to build a relationship with her formerly estranged father. Since he didn't reject her, and actively makes an effort to see her, might as well welcome this new dynamic in her life and try to make up for the 20 years of missed conversation, right? It's awkward. Very awkward. And to top it all off, after days of harassment from Trooper Pryor, Forest recruited Shawn to shoot him in hopes of getting rid of the problem forever. This leads to them shooting up the courthouse and getting caught for a sloppy job, and Star to actually feel worried she might lose her father immediately after finding him. Instead, it's left them to pick up the pieces and try to decide what to do next. Try to stay with the Barcade? Move on to the Vanilla Unicorn's safe offer? Or branch out into something entirely independent? Regardless, the group decides to wait for Lilac to return home. Until then, Star will just enjoy spending quality time with her father and getting to know him.


  • Shawn Malone
    • Formerly Star's estranged father, the two have recently met after 20 years of Star hearing the man's name and Shawn.. having no idea she exists. It's awkward at times, but she's growing to appreciate her father and enjoying having him around.
  • Evie Akagane
    • The first person Star could probably call a "best friend". Evie was the first person Star revealed her actual reasoning for coming to Los Santos to, and was the first person other than her own father she confessed "giving a shit about".
  • Forest Fish
    • An ex as a bit after "dating" for one second. Star realizes she gets along with and works well with Forest, and they have a fun dynamic that she does acknowledge. But Forest is made of red flags.. so... it could never work out, man. But they make great friends!
  • Lilac Page
    • The first person at the Barcade that Star met and got along with. Star respects Lilac and enjoys her company, appreciating her candor to even call her out when she smelled some bullshit, even if some of it was only slightly off. It was probably the brain damage.
  • Eddie
    • Eddie is... so interesting. He's endless entertainment, and also incredibly resourceful.
  • The Barcade
  • The Vanilla Unicorn


  • Star was diagnosed with Antimetropia at age 3, and is considered nearsighted in her right eye and farsighted in her left. While not legally blind yet, it's not great. The glasses don't come off, and if they do it's very unpleasant and very brief.
  • For her first few weeks in Los Santos, Star told people her last name was Hewitt if they had no way to confirm it as otherwise. This was in hopes that if her father really was around, he would hear the name Hewitt floating around and get curious.
  • Star's favorite color is pink.
  • Star isn't particularly affectionate or feel she does well as expressing genuine feeling and emotion, but her love language is cooking for people she does actually care about.
  • Star is often self-conscious about her occasional slip of accent; having been raised in America and only having her own family's accents to influence her, she knows the accents of having been raised in Massachusetts, New York, and Seattle fuck with her inflections. She speaks very carefully to try and avoid sounding "like an idiot" in her mind.
  • Star is vaguely Agnostic. She respects others beliefs and religions, such as making accommodations for her father's Muslim principles without struggle or complaint, but she doesn't really have any of her own. Maybe there's something or someone out there for her to believe in, but at the moment the only faith she can trust in is in herself.
  • Star wanted to be a professional ballerina until around the age of 13 when she fell in love with acting. She still practices and stretches every day to not lose the skill for ballet, but it isn't her main desire anymore.